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Spam Recruitment - Are Employers to Blame?

about 3 years ago by Rob Bemment

As a recruitment business owner, you might think this is a dangerous topic to bring up. However, as a recruitment “puritan” it’s a subject close to my heart and one needed to be addressed.

Recruitment has changed immeasurably over the last 12 years. The whole scope of finding candidates, especially in the engineering and technical worlds, has taken a 180’ turn. From originally the skill being in assessing the applicants that respond to adverts, recruiters now must be far more proactive in finding (networking) the candidates to fill client opportunities. The “interview” part has then become more limited with telephone screening common. Quite simply the time (and skills) spent are now focused on finding, rather than assessing and short-listing the right candidates.

Why has this happened? Is this a good thing?

Without doubt a lack of technical talent has impacted. My theory is, during and immediately post-recession clients who were recruiting needed quick results to justify the investment in new talent. This led to a poaching culture- and along with the emergence of linked in and portal led recruitment, recruiters were now focused on finding experience rather than the “right person”. This can lead to unrealistic goals which aren’t met and ultimately slow and poor hiring decisions.

If companies were to focus, and there are some great examples out there, on hiring the right person with the skills to do the job, time to hire and quality of recruitment would result. Poor recruiters would be found out. Recruiters should have the skills and confidence to consult with a client, the reality is most just focus on making placements and it’s easier not to challenge than to challenge. Unfortunately, this ultimately costs recruiters and clients time and money in the long run.

At Delve we use unique client qualification and candidates assessment models to give our clients the confidence of getting recruitment right – without compromising on speed. We don’t just follow wish lists and hope to find the golden ticket – we work in partnership with our clients to ensure objectives are met on both sides of the table.