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Candidates! Maximise your relationship with your recruiter

over 2 years ago by Gareth Foden

​There are often grumbles around the candidate experience when dealing with a recruiter. And rightly so in many instances. So, I have created a quick guide to maximise the relationship you can have with the recruiter you work with.


1 – Make the relationship two way. Right from the opening call you should receive as much information as you give. Don’t fire questions such as “how much does it pay” before they have even introduced themselves. Sell yourself and ask intricate questions to understand the role but also to check your recruiter understands the role & business they are working with.


2 – Once you have built relationships with recruiters be open and honest. If something is too far, doesn’t pay enough or simply isn’t the right opportunity for you then just tell them. You may be questioned on your thinking, but in my view, that should be to understand what isn’t working rather than push you to do something you don’t want to do. In the long run, it doesn’t
benefit anyone.


3 – Where possible, speak with them on the phone. Clearly you may meet them initially to get a feel for one another, but after that, I would always advise trying to speak with recruiters on the phone. Your recruiter should be free after hours for a catch up so it should make this pretty painless for you. It builds rapport between you & keep you current in the recruiters mind.


4 – Keep them posted on developments at your end. If interviews etc occur via other channels just let your recruiter know. They may have other opportunities for you so can apply urgency where needed. Don’t feel pressured to tell them companies or even product areas of the companies you are interviewing for, but to simply advise that you have an interview a week on Friday at 1st stage is a great help.


5 -If you have “bad news” for them, hit it head on. It probably wont be the first time this week they have had bad news. So don’t go radio silent – they will expect the worst anyway! If you have been offered a job elsewhere, don’t fancy the job they have helped you secure or don’t like the role that they have placed you in revert to step 3 and call them. Again, any decent recruiter will completely get your decision making process and rather than apply unnecessary pressure to accept or stay in their role they will should try and help the situation.


So there you have it. Just to summarise –


Step 1 – Two way relationship.

Step 2 – Be open and honest.

Step 3 – Call them where possible (your recruiter should be free after hours).

Step 4 – Be transparent when things change at your end.

Step 5 – Hit “bad news” head on.


Like everything in life, there is the good, the bad & the ugly and nothing truer than in recruitment. If you have a recruiter you trust the above 5 steps should help for a strong relationship. If your recruiter makes any of the above steps really hard, then get in touch with the team at Delve. We will gladly discuss our “Beyond the Paper” approach.