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The global Energy market has received heavy attention over the last decade. As the world evolves to focus on sustainable energy sources, the organisations within it have had to adapt and develop skills that perhaps didn't exist at one point. This evolution of the industry has meant that organisations have had to be extremely mindful of the people they recruit in to their business.

Delve has a track record of working with some truly unique organisations through periods of both sustained and intermittent growth, ultimately enabling them to achieve their financial goals. By nature of the industry and the pressures it faces, we help businesses identify, engage with and attract key hires that will move their organisation to the next level and next stage of their journey. Long standing partnerships with organisations who design and build equipment for the oil & gas, renewable and clean energy industries has enabled us to build international networks that directly benefit our customers.

​This market offers a blend of emerging, innovative industries combining or even competing with traditional house hold names for advancements in technology and ultimately people. Delve have countless examples of how they have used targeted headhunt methodologies to support their customers in both the attraction of key people and taking their story to the market to raise brand awareness for upcoming projects.

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